Z gearbox

Wide, intermediate and close ratio types of gear sets were produced by Lagonda to suit different car models. For the Z gearbox these gear sets are referred to as ZC, ZD and ZE respectively. The individual gear ratios for a specific type of box are the same for both OH and Z gearboxes. 

The gear sets produced by the Club are the close ratio type. If you have a wide or intermediate type of gearbox, all is not lost as an individual close ratio gear pair (main and layshaft) can be installed in a wide or intermediate box, with, of course, a resulting change in the box ratio.

An alternative third gear set is also available for both OH and Z gearboxes.  This provides a lower third gear ratio, to bridge more evenly the gap between second and top.

Further details of these gearboxes can be found in the "Workshop Manual for 2 Litre Lagonda Gearboxes" available from the Club.