Used Spares

The Lagonda Club is keen to develop the supply of used spares to members.  For the most part, used spares do not duplicate those parts that are available new, so this is complementary to the main spares business of the Club.

The Club's main source of used spares is from people who are having a 'clear-out'.  This is often triggered by the 'retirement' of the individual concerned, or, sadly, by death.  The Club is willing to make job-lot offers for any such spares, and to take everything, without picking and choosing.

We are always happy to make offers for any spares that members may wish to dispose of, even if the quantity is small.  Whilst we know that most people do like to accumulate 'just-in-case' spares for their cars, from the perspective of the Club as a whole it would really be best if these were in the Club's stores, for the benefit of members who may be in real need, and we are keen to encourage this.

The Club also buys spares at auction.  In doing so, it seeks to avoid competing with members who may be bidding for the same parts.

Please note that used parts are only supplied for fitment to members' own cars, and not for onward sale or for putting on the shelf 'just in case'.

For obvious reasons, used spares are sold 'as is' and without warranty.  

If you are concerned about the condition of a used part we are willing to e-mail a photograph or alternatively members are very welcome to visit Carlton to inspect parts (tea/coffee is always available), but if a member wishes to have parts sent to them 'on approval', then all carriage costs (including return, if necessary) are to the member's account.

Recently acquired items

To make things easier for those who are regularly searching for parts, you can click on the bar in the blue box below to see a list of recently acquired items.

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If you have any specific requests for new parts that the Club does not stock, please contact the Spares officer.