Light Cars

The Club does not currently stock spares for the 11.1, 11.9, or 12/24 light cars.

This is because, of the estimated 7320 cars produced between 1914 and 1926, there are fewer than 40 known survivors world-wide and only a third of these are currently owned by our members. To further complicate things, the factory seems to have incorporated improvements whenever they were developed, so there can be significant mechanical differences between individual cars from the same model range. For example, there were three designs for inlet valve rockers for the 11.1, the later 11.9 models had larger brakes than the early examples, and there were three different clutch designs for the 12/24 in just three years' production.

We are now attempting to change this and are considering stocking replacement valves, valve springs and valve guides.

Austin Light Twelve Pistons for Lagonda 11.9 and 12/24 models:

Original pistons for the light car models have not been available for many years, but Austin Light Twelve pistons can very easily be modified to fit the 11.9 and 12/24 and are still available from specialist suppliers. We recommend that you have the work listed here carried out by a competent engineer.

 The internal gudgeon pin bosses need to be milled out to the width of the original pistons and the skirt needs to be reduced to the same height as the original Lagonda pistons. This is 3mm to be milled off the skirt but you could go more.

The con rod little end will have to be reamed out to 5/8th inch (plenty of meat in the little end bush, which is steel, to allow this). If your engine has been given a re-bore at this point, you can remove the bottom oil control ring, but ONLY if the engine has been rebored. The pin is retained on the Austin pistons by end caps, so you have a fully floating gudgeon pin.

The Austin Light 12 piston is a later better made piston than that used by Lagonda in 1923. It is made of better quality material and is heavier, some 61 grams heavier after modifications. However most of the extra weight is in the piston crown which is right place for modern unleaded petrol which burns hotter. The additional weight has no real impact as the engine still remains in balance.

As a guide, the pistons cost £130 a set in March 2015 and the machining work cost £69. We researched having new pistons made from scratch for these engines, but the cost would be considerably higher. Austin Light Twelve pistons have been the replacement of choice for many years now, so you may discover that the pistons you wish to replace are modified Austin parts.

We are still researching suitable replacement pistons for the 11.1 models.

Valves for 11.9 and 12/24 Models:

Mark Yeomans ([email protected]) has sourced a maker of suitable valves. Contact him direct for details and prices. We are considering buying sets of valves as a stock item through the Lagonda Spares Service. 

He commissioned patterns for 12/24 and late 11.9 brake drums and can arrange for them to be available as unmachined castings, or as fully machined drums, ready to fit.

Some owners have a small stock of second-hand parts and, in an emergency, might be willing to help fellow owners.  We are also creating a list of "Trusted Engineers", who have been used successfully by current owners to repair or re-fabricate parts, so we can often advise on companies to contact for help.

The Club is always ready to purchase any re-useable second-hand parts held by current or former owners.

The "Model Champion" for the range of Lagonda Light Cars is Ken Painter ([email protected] Telephone 01379 890653). He can provide owners with free copies of a wide range of contemporary articles for their particular model and he will always try to help owners seeking parts, or technical or historical advice. All enquiries concerning the Light Cars should therefore be directed to him and not 
to the Club's Spares Officer.

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If you have any specific requests for new parts that the Club does not stock, please contact the Spares officer.