Anthony de Young Sydney Australia.

Published on 03/08/2016

The 1950 Earls Court Display Chassis Resteration.

The chassis LAG/50/110 was displayed at the motor show in 1950, then was shipped to Australia, firstly to Melbourne showrooms of agents Brown & Dureau, then to Sydney also to their Elizebeth Street showrooms. 

From 1953 the chassis stored at Waterloo, NSW, the last known location of the chassis till 1975, when Bob Rusk, Area Rep for AMOC NSW, located at the old State Brickworks, now container restoratioon and storage complex.Stored in three containers were the bodies and engines of three Lagonda's, all 2.6L. All bodies and engines had been dismantled, one having been in fatal accident with badly twisted chassis, another also damaged, and the third was the Earls Court chassis. The Earls Court chassis had extensive chrome work to the suspension,  the chassis steel frame had been paintend gloss black, diff.and universals painted red, as were the brake drums. The brake and hydraulic lines were also chromed.

Bob Rusk was the Aston Martin spares agent during this time, and used the Brickworks for the storage his AM parts. The Lagonda engines were of interest to me, as had AM DB2/4MKIII, so I purchased all of the contents of the three containers.

When Howard Carter opened the tomb of the boy King, TUTANKHAMUN, and peered into the first chamber, and saw the rich array of artifacts, the world was agog with interest of Egyptology,s Greatest Discovery.

However, in 1981 when I was assisting with the opening of the doors of the first container, the hinges having almost rust frozen, we were struck by the gleaming reflection of a grille, located in the front of the pile of parts of a motor car, that appeared to have been thrown into a child's toy box when told to clean up his room.

The first remark, is worth noting, and that was "how bloody good was the Pommy chrome" For here were parts of cars, that had been stuffed in this steel box for 20 plus years, and still able to send bright light into the eyes of the beholders. As we ventured further, however, (always a However) the bottom of the container had signs of water damage. 

End of Chapter One of the re- Birth of Chassis LAG/50/110


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