Complete rebuild and uprating of G9 gearbox

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LMB, our associates in Belgium, are willing to rebuild your G9 gearbox completely, for a price of €7000 (£6250).  This price includes a complete set of new gears and shafts (incorporating design improvements), synchros and bearings, and the stripping, cleaning and reassembly of the gearbox. There will be a 12-month warranty on this rebuild. Carriage and taxes are not included.  

This price is subject to the gearbox casing and other non-replaced parts being in good condition and reusable.  If you send  your gearbox to LMB, they will strip it and make a report, giving you a firm price for the rebuild, including, in addition to the above price, any work that may be required on the non-replaced parts. If you then decide not to proceed, there will be a charge of €500 (£450) for this inspection.