Oilite bush for 4.5L rocker shaft, without groove.

Product Ref: VLV416A


Rockers on the 4.5 litre Meadows engine are fitted with Oilite bushes.  The original bushes carried an internal groove, with a drilling through the rocker and the bush into the groove, which allows oil that is being pumped through each rocker shaft to pass through this drilling and then to splash around and lubricate the rest of the valve gear, particularly the pushrods.

There are two schools of thought about how to deal with the replacement of worn bushes.  One school of thought says that you should replace like with like, and fit new bushes that are the same as the originals (i.e. grooved and drilled).  The other school of thought says that replacing like with like is difficult, with it being hard to ensure that the drilling in the rocker lines up with the hole/groove in the bush, risking the supply of oil to the rest of the valve gear.  The latter school prefers to fit a plain bush (i.e. without a groove and drilling) and to arrange (by reaming) for there to be a slightly larger clearance between the bush and the rocker shaft, thus allowing oil to be pumped out that way.

In order to cover both approaches, the Club supplies bushes both with and without grooves (part numbers VLV416G and VLV416A respectively).   Whichever approach is adopted, the job needs to be undertaken by someone with the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Product reference: VLV416A