• Igor Cerutti - C36
    13 June 2012 at 12:00 #49331


    My 2 Litres Speed Model is fitted with 2x Zenith 36 UH carburetors since new.

    Present I?ve got a jet?s setup of:

    – Main : 90
    – Compensator : 125
    – Slow running : 55

    Currently I?m running Newman?s cam?s.

    I?m not very happy with setup mainly for two reasons:

    – Running to reach during the summertime (hot air)
    – At high revs, above 4000 rpm?s the car have some hesitation doing quickly more (I would like to reach 4500 rpm?s without hesitation)

    Does anyone know or has a better experience than my ?
    Does anyone know the setup of the former Lagonda 2 Litres Works cars using twin Zenith ?

    Any advice or experience is highly appreciated.
    Thank you very much
    Best Regards

    Julian Messent
    14 June 2012 at 11:45 #49336

    Dear Igor,
    Unless you have modern type steel connecting rods at least and prefferably a modern counterweighted steel crank also, then you would be EXTREMELY ill advised to go more than 3750 rpm on a regular basis!!
    Your standard rods have a thickness smaller than your little finger at the small end and this added to a “mean” piston speed of over 3500 feet per minute, and a peak of over 5800!!, you are asking for your engine to do a very good impersonation of a hand grenade!

    I hope this elevates the need to re-jet your carburettors which must be working well for you to be able to get to 4000+ in the first place!


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