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    1 April 2016 at 09:54 #51840

    This was listed last week at ?50, at which I’m surprised it didn’t sell. Strange that the vendor provides comprehensive photos of the Motor Trader Data Sheet, yet only two of the handbook!
    Annoying that the inner cover clearly has a previous owner’s identity written in, yet the vendor leaves it covered by Lagonda’s errata slip.
    So…the ideal purchaser is someone who owns a V12 (presumably Sanction 2-4, given the errata slip) known to have changed hands in February 1958!
    Somewhat bizarre that Lagonda would contemplate selling a car costing the equivalent of 3 quite nice houses, yet feel it acceptable to stick in errata slips (if mine is anything to go by, there will be several more like that in there!) instead of printing updated pages for the car’s handbook.
    The Trader data sheet itself is pretty rare (in this condition worth probably no more than ?10), but is well worth having, even for the clear photos (which unfortunately you don’t get with the club reprint). The information contained in it is well worth having.
    It of course won’t be for a 1938 V12, he is going by the date on the Lucas circuit diagram, but that said, if the errata slips are ignored, it would be correct for a 1938 V12.
    What a shame that Lagonda didn’t trouble to identify each handbook supplied with the accompanying vehicle’s chassis number. Like this one, mine has some service history written in, and I can see that that car was in the Brighton area (so not my V12!). If only such information could be related to a particular car.

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