• John Hugh
    20 May 2018 at 10:02 #52772

    Newish modern cams, all new rockers. I suspect the notoriously inefficient induction tracts of the 2 Litre are the dominant problem, your downdraught head is a very good move I’m sure.

    I know remarkably little about dynos but I can see that the calculations that purport to correct power at the wheels to power at the flywheel can be dodgy. As you say, they are certainly excellent comparison tools. Taking off the pancake air cleaner on my single SU produced an extra 2 bhp at the peak of the curve.

    23 May 2018 at 10:01 #52782

    That extra 2 bhp is interesting. But where on the rev range was it? People always seem to talk about maximum power, but when do you ever need it unless you are going racing? What interests me more is what happens when you press the middle pedal at, say, 2,500 – 3,000 rpm. I can’t see that you air filter would make any difference till you hit peak airflow, which is not going to be at that speed.
    You know those crazy hot-rod shops in America that will put a 1,000 bhp motor in a 1950’s saloon? One of them quoted the figure at the back wheel as 150 bhp less than at the flywheel! How do you ‘lose’ 150 bhp along the way? By that reckoning, most cars would barely be able to creep forward!

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