• h14
    11 June 2021 at 09:54 #53313

    My V12 engine has been painted very poorly; poor quality paint, applied too thinly, and not the right shade either! Can anyone tell me a source of suitable heat resistant paint that reasonably approximates that applied at Staines? I would describe it as light grey with a tinge of green.

    Julian Messent
    16 June 2021 at 07:21 #53314

    Dear Laurence,
    Others may want to contribute here but having stripped very many original V12 Engines for rebuild, several of them apparently never rebuilt before me and absolutely factory original, All of these engines that were almost certainly un-messed with were painted Black.

    Hope this helps,
    Best regards,

    16 June 2021 at 17:02 #53315

    Dear Julian,

    Many thanks for your reply. Interesting! No trace of black on mine, and Lagonda numbers were painted over the grey, so I’m pretty confident the grey was applied at Staines. The handbook title page illustration shows exhaust manifolds, distributors, carburetters as black, but the block, heads and rear mounting arms are a lighter colour.
    I’ve ordered an engine paint to BS381C “631 Light Grey”, following discovering a Trimite paint chart I acquired in the 1970s. Their “631 Light Grey” looks a very close match.
    My LG6 engine is also light grey. In this case, repainted by the rebuilders, but can it have been coincidence they painted it that colour? Maybe it was later engines that were finished in grey; both are cars very near the end of production.
    Kind regards

    Julian Messent
    9 July 2021 at 09:45 #53325

    Hi Laurence,
    Sorry for the late reply,

    Your theory could be correct, I had an original LG6 saloon in a while back that had been in one family all of it’s life and apparently never rebuilt etc and the internals did confirm that.
    This engine was actually a creamy white but is the only engine I have ever seen in this colour that i could believe was not rebuilt at some point in it’s life. It could be that either you could specify a colour, or perhaps they had codes for different setups? LG6 or LG45 for instance when the models crossed over.
    or V12 sanctions or carb setups etc? interesting.
    I also know quite a few engines and gearboxes were changed under warrantee in their early life as is proved by the service cards of some cars.


    9 July 2021 at 12:29 #53326

    To get back to Laurence’s original question – for the last 25 years I have been using Paragon paint for a number of engine blocks and cylinder heads in a variety of colours. I cannot recommend them enough; superb paint, totally heat resistant and available in just about any colour you want. Have them send you their sample sheet and you’ll find a choice of almost 400 coulours including a perfect match to the original Staines engine block colour.

    10 July 2021 at 09:31 #53327

    Hi Julian,
    My front shock absorbers also appear to have been painted the same grey.
    That’s interesting. One of the petrol filler pipes on my V12 is painted creamy white, the other is bare aluminium. My suspicion here is that OS & NS appear identical, but of course, aren’t. So to save confusion, my theory is they painted one side so that orientation would be easy.
    Also, I suspect there was an element of the factory using whatever was to hand, and there is plenty of evidence of that with my V12, which was one of the last made; not registered until December 1940.
    Oh yes! My V12 was on its third engine by 1945, and second gearbox.
    Paragon Paint …. funnily enough, that was the firm I chose, and thank you for the reassuring comments.
    Finally, Julian, here’s an oddball one! The LAGONDA script on the cam boxes appears to have originally been painted a medium light blue, something like RAF blue. I’ve been cleaning up parts as I’m taking them off the car, and there are signs that the rod pivoting in the bulkhead which operates the throttles was also painted the same blue. Have you encountered that?!

    15 July 2021 at 22:41 #53329

    For information, I spent quite some time last year trying to find the best match of grey for my 2 Litre engine. I liaised with a number of club members and intend to write something about it for the club magazine at some point. The best match that I could find can be supplied by any Dulux Trade paint centre of which I belive there are 200 plus in the UK. It has to be specially mixed but it is Dulux Metalshield Gloss code 11080,70BG22031.

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