• h14
    6 June 2011 at 19:39 #48265

    I know my LG6 had twin NV6s as original magneto fitment, however one has been replaced by coil & distributor. Would like to revert to original set up & been offered an AV6…will this fit & work other than timing adjustments (are they easy?!).

    Julian Messent
    8 June 2011 at 07:27 #48269

    Hi Laurence,

    In my mag data I can only find a reference to the “existence” of an AV6 Scintilla, nothing else I am afraid.
    However, the only important things in your case are,
    1, it looks right,
    2, the rotation is the same direction,
    3, the automatic advance curve exactly matches the one you already have! This is the most important of all as it will damage your engine if not!!
    Only you can check these when you see the mag, it should say the info you need on the tag plate attached.

    If all is correct. Timing should be set at 2500 rpm ( so all the advance is “in” ) and be 31 degrees BTDC on the exhaust side and 33 BTDC on the inlet.

    Good luck,

    10 June 2011 at 13:50 #48275

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for looking this up. Turned out it’s clockwise rotation, whereas the NV6 (on my LG6 at any rate) is anticlock. So perhaps an AV6 is a clockwise version of the NV6. Strangely, the contact breaker is mounted identically in both (whereas the those in the V12’s Delco Remy distributors are different), so whether it would need much work to change rotation, I don’t know. Guess the advance mechanism would be a serious problem!

    Didn’t realise the ignition should be 2 degrees different side to side…suppose this means more complete burn of the mixture. Certainly remember the second ignition was worth an extra 50rpm at idle.


    Julian Messent
    11 June 2011 at 08:41 #48277

    Hi Laurence,

    Yes, changing rotation would mean a complete new advance mechanism! Shame!

    The advance difference I think is due to the extra heat in the exhaust side of the combustion chamber! one theory at least ;o)
    But at any rate, it makes a MUCH smother engine!! You can really feel them “grumble” when timed equally!

    Good luck and have fun “playing”
    Julian, Doing the same at this very moment!

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