• Christian
    5 November 2012 at 20:59 #49801

    Below are a few photos of the Dunlop rear callipers which I partially rebuilt one evening last week. The pistons have been sent off to Ward Engineering to be rebuilt, so that just left me with the carriers and handbrake mechanism. The new parts I needed were; all nuts and bolts, handbrake retraction plate and springs (there was a crack in one of the original prongs and the plates had corroded), support plates and pads.

    I blasted the castings to remove the surface rust and coated them with Eastwood Brake Grey, which I think is a really fantastic paint for this application.

    Removing the handbrake retractor plate pins took a while as years of weather etc had caused the pin on the cable pull side (in particular) to seize, eventually with some persuasion they gave in. I then reamed out the various holes, a small amount of corrosion in these will prevent the mechanism working properly ? I suspect it hadn?t been working well for a long time prior to the car being laid up.

    The new parts I used are Jaguar parts; retraction plate hole centres need to be 42mm or 1 5/8?. Not all Jaguar parts are interchangable but many are.

    This diagram of the Dunlop setup is almost the same as that used on the Rapide.

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