• Jan (Hans) Eekhoff
    4 July 2022 at 10:23 #57075

    Does anyone know how to stop oil leaking through the waterpump drive shaft hole in the engine (the rear of the timing case)? Is there a seal for that? If so, how is it fitted?

    R M Seabrook
    4 July 2022 at 17:33 #57085

    Dear Hans,

    There is an oil slinger behind the nut that holds the shaft in place (see attached). If the nut is loose this may be stopping the slinger from working. However, the best solution is to introduce a lip seal into the carrier that holds the water pump in place. The slinger can then be ground to provide a suitable surface for the lip seal to work on. I had this done on my saloon as the whole assembly needed overhauling and this seemd a worthwhile modification. It also has the added bonus of stopping any water being sucked into the timing case, should the drain hole get blocked.

    Best wishes,


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