• Lagonda1928
    8 May 2017 at 22:41 #52379

    I have read that the oil capacity for the 2 litre speed model rear axle is between 3 and 3.5 pints, however from empty to within 0.5″ of the top of the filler I can only get 2.2 pints (1.25 litres) into mine – can anyone confirm the actual capacity ?

    I would also be interested if anyone can confirm the optimum oil capacity of the OH gearbox ?

    22 May 2017 at 22:01 #52387

    The capacity depends on where you fill to within the neck of the filler.
    My experience is the similar to yours. I could only get around 2.5 pints into my OH axle and then found there was a slight drip from the overflow pipe through the brake back plate after a run. I had gone to 1/4″ from the top and I think it is too high so will be draining down to 3/4″ from the top and will see how it goes

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