• garand69
    12 November 2013 at 05:14 #50530


    Have you made any changes to your lubrication system in the engine
    if so, which?

    thank you for all the information and photos

    best regards

    Cyril carr? (France)

    ray sherratt
    12 November 2013 at 22:29 #50531

    Have you checked the oil clearances, the gear/rotor end float
    should be .002″to.004″ of an inch. The gear/rotor to body
    clearance should be .004″to.010″ max. New pumps are expensive
    but you can have your old one rebuilt. At the moment I have
    7 Feltham engines in rebuild, two for Hans Natens of Belguim.

    Ray Sherratt.

    13 November 2013 at 03:41 #50532


    pump heavy scratches in the body and play in the gears

    I am interested in retrofitting a pump if possible

    how should I do?

    I have received proposals for new pumps. providers indicate a flow and a higher pressure.
    there are changes to the cannaux grease, body oil filter
    and the oil supply pipes that extend crankshaft
    there is a change on the camshaft but I do not understand
    if you are interested in these changes sent me an email directly I will pass them on.

    ray sherratt
    14 November 2013 at 21:45 #50533

    There is work on the block to reduce the unwanted back presure which destroys the scew gear drive. The face
    that the pump bolts to needs to be opened to match the
    exit opening the oil pump. The hole needs to be milled to
    the depth of the transfer port below, preferabley with
    a bull nosed cutter, or blended with a die grinder. Next
    the transfer holes forward, and the two to the oil filter
    tower, all need to be bored/drilled to 14mm. Be careful
    on braking through into the the transfer drilling, not to
    touch the oil presure relief valve port oposite. Next the
    oil pump tower needs the same tretment. These operations
    will require tapping for larger end plugs. The oil filter lower
    and upper holes at 90deg to the vertical holes, need to be checked to make sure they line up to the block and the
    filter housing. Make sure the gaskets don`t mask the
    drillings. Last of all if you have the old rotary oil filter
    copper screen type they can be coverted to a modern
    paper type.


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