• Peter S30
    1 January 2008 at 13:12 #47103

    Who did replace the exhaust system on his car and what was your experience ?

    Stainless steel or not (some say the sound of stainless steel systems is not good but may be this is only the case for open racing tubes) ? is there a company to be recommended, common errors, did you send the original part as specimen or did you bring the car to have the new system fitted to it ?

    My saloon has only one silencer now on each side (the front one), who knows the ideas behind (“sporting sound”, cheaper, more power ?)

    Colin M34
    2 January 2008 at 14:00 #47105


    I would always contact Alan Brown for advice in this area. The ‘Northern Lagonda Factory’ has a huge wealth of experience and Alan has the contacts to get exhausts made at a reasonable price. He is also a very nice man who is keen to help anyone interesed in Lagondas.

    However you will not see him using the Internet and the best thing is to go and see him and sup some ale with him. Sadly, Herb Schofield is no longer able to join in with the drinking session in person.

    Colin Mallett

    Peter S30
    7 January 2008 at 16:27 #47108

    Dear Collin,

    thank you for your hint. I called Alan who forwarded me to David Hine who mailed me “I am afraid I am also no help ! I have only built V12 specials where the exhaust systems have been very simple”. So other ideas and comments still welcome.


    Peter S30
    15 January 2008 at 07:48 #47112

    may I add my main questions for the moment:

    who has experience with one or two silencers on each side ? The original factory drawing (like reproduced in Arnold Daveys book page 137) shows two silencers. Also the attached drawing from his book page 124. My car now has only one each side. The same is shown in an image of a rebuilt chassis in the Holthusen book. It might be that in more sporting open cars they had one and in closed cars two ? Or the factory installed two and later the second was left away (saving money, less restricting to breathing of the motor ?)

    what is the correct diameter of the pipes and how did they end on the car (in an angle towards the outside or parallel) ? Little details only but does not cost more to make it correct

    thank you for some feedback, Peter

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    Alistair Crawford
    16 January 2008 at 10:21 #47113


    I just sent a detailed reply but the pictures which I attached have crashed my computer. So I will write it again.

    My V12 saloon had a new stainless steel exhaust around 8 years ago before I bought the car. Since the car is very original and any other work on it has copied the original, I assume that the exhaust copies the one it replaced. it would have to be very similar shape in order to fit through and round the chassis. it has two silencer boxes – and it would have been a much simpler exhaust to design, make and fit if it had only had one box, so I assume that two is the correct original fitting.

    I climbed into the pit this morning to photograph each box for you. if you want other angles of picture just tell me,


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    Peter S30
    16 January 2008 at 12:40 #47114


    thank you very much this is of great help !

    Could you climb down again and measure the diameter and length of the silencers and the diameter of the pipes ? The pipes look quite large compared to the diameter of the silencers.

    How many of the squared flanges are there on one side ?

    I also would appreciate a photo of the pipe ending (at the rear)

    Thank you again

    Alistair Crawford
    16 January 2008 at 15:40 #47115


    just setting off with my camera. I realised that my previous message was ambiguous. there are two silencer boxes per side, so four silencer boxes in total.

    will post photos later

    Alistair Crawford
    16 January 2008 at 16:19 #47116

    now that I look at this properly I am not so sure about mine being accurate copy of original. The rear pipes protrude beyond the rear bumper, which is not the same as a 1960s picture of my car where the rear pipes ended under the rear bumper but just beyond the bodywork. obviously the new exhaust has been made with longer end pipes so that no sooty marks spoil the rear bumper and bodywork.

    anyway measurements are… pipe diameter 48mm, each box is 410 long by 130 diameter. there are four joint square flanges on each bank of exhausts excluding the one joining the manifold. so the sections are… manifold joint to first flange. box, second flange, long section, third flange, short curly section over rear axle, fourth flange, rear box. However it has been designed, this exhaust is very quiet.

    the pipe ending is in photo. it is roughly parallel with the ground and points outwards from the car – I have put my broomstick in line with the rear bodywork so that you can see the angle. Again this looks inconsistent with other photos of V12 saloons but mine is Freestone and Webb coachwork so may be different from Lagonda bodied V12s.

    hope this helps to add to your confusion


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    Peter S30
    16 January 2008 at 19:58 #47117


    thank you, perfect, here you see how it looks on my car now: nice chromed ends with a swing sitting on rusted pipes. Strangely both do not go straight out but both are showing a bit to the left side of the car.
    Also they are longer than the car, so when I squeeze it in my garage they are prone to act as bumper..


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    Alistair Crawford
    16 January 2008 at 21:36 #47118


    other people should add their views but..

    the factory drawing on P137 that you mention shows the rear pipes angled outwards at exactly the same degree as mine, although they are shorter and end at rear bumper. It also has the boxes in the same place as mine.

    nothing more to add – good luck!

    Mark Whitehead
    24 January 2008 at 01:09 #47137

    Amongst our V12’s is one of only four Rapides produced by the factory fitted with four D4 SU carburettors. It’s exhaust had only one silencer per line delivered ex-works. However, as with Alistair’s it does not have a factory body, rather James Young.

    Our other cars, saloons and coupe, were fitted with the two silencers. Interestingly the exhaust notes are quite similar, single and double, and pipe diameters are identical.


    Peter S30
    24 February 2008 at 10:27 #47220

    So here it is. It was done by local specialist http://www.gutmann-automobiltechnik.de about 60km from my home. Material is stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304) including all flanges. I think they did a good job, producing all parts and fitting it to the car including remanufacture of all mounting parts. Instead of one of the 4-screw flanges there is a modern fitting (not so nice for the purist). After welding the system was passivated (but I think only from outside). Total cost was 2000 EUR including taxes. I just drove the car back yesterday.

    The endpipes we did similar to as they were before on this car (bent a little downwards) but I asked for having them inside the bumpers.

    In one photo you see the old parts. We found that some tubing in the old system was from a copper-alloy ! soldered to mild steel parts. I wonder if that was original or already a replacement. The first part after the exhaust manifold was mild steel and very thin already from corrosion.

    The system is not significantly more silent than before, so the second silencer does not help to much and the first one might be better if a bit larger, but we did stick to the original 130mm diameter

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