• Richard Branch
    3 August 2017 at 12:28 #52435

    Chaps, the gearbox in my 16/80 recently started making a loud whine when easing off the throttle. It sounds as it always has done when accelerating or under power but the instant I lift off or coast it whines. It has certainly become loud enough for me think it?s not normal.

    Any thoughts on what may be causing this?

    Thanks Rich…

    3 August 2017 at 12:47 #52436

    I would start by checking the propshaft.
    Recently replaced the prop on my 2 Litre with a new item with modern Hardy Spicer universal joints. The car is certainly quieter and an annoying vibration has disappeared.
    Best regards

    Richard Branch
    3 August 2017 at 13:15 #52437

    Thanks Mark, that’s on the list of jobs, it’s just that today it became more noticeable…

    John Stubbs
    6 August 2017 at 19:21 #52444

    and of course, you’ve checked the oil levels in the ‘box and axle…

    Colin M34
    6 August 2017 at 20:46 #52445

    Hi Richard,

    Jumping across from the facebook page, can you look whether your manual box replacement for the ENV 110 is a “Z” or and “OH” box? They both fit but I would like to see pictures of your chassis as well

    If you lift the floor and take a photo which you can post on this or the Facebook site, I can tell you which one you have. If it is an OH box it might be the layshaft bearings which I replaced on my box.


    Richard Branch
    10 August 2017 at 22:10 #52452

    Hi Colin, it’s a Z Type box, I’ve put some pictures on the Lagonda FB page. Cheers Rich…

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