• David Eldred
    30 September 2023 at 15:06 #64904

    Any tips on engine replacement?

    I took mine out with the car dismantled so not a problem. However putting it back with the body on is another matter. The damper needs to end up under the front cross member which holds the radiator. The engine hasn’t got enough backwards movement available within the front mounting brackets to clear the radiator cross bar. Slightly more room in the rear mounting brackets.

    How far does the engine need to be tipped? Is there an easier way? Would taking the front engine mounts off help? But then you need to get the brackets and bolts back in and tight which I can imagine might be impossible.

    It must be possible.  Any advice welcome.


    L C Hannam
    14 October 2023 at 10:31 #65594

    Hi David,

    Mine is an LG6 so sorry I can’t offer a correct solution. However, if the damper is the issue, this is only held by the starter dog nut (which may be lock-tabbed), so maybe removing the damper and refitting after mounting the engine would resolve the issue? Note the damper is pretty heavy. If you remove piece by piece, there are springs inside so be ready to catch those. You should also find that the rotors are stamped for balance, so take care to ensure those markings are aligned when re-assembling.


    Martin Bugler
    14 October 2023 at 22:22 #65596

    Hi David,

    I am about to remove my LG45 engine and see that it needs to move back a few cm’s prior to lifting past the front cross member. I will report back when achieved as the return journey should be similar.

    Regards, Martin

    David Eldred
    27 October 2023 at 14:05 #65675

    The problem with moving the engine back is the lack of room in the front chassis bracket. An 1/8th is probably all there is. Maybe removing the starting dog would be enough, however the photo in the spares listing shows it has an internal mounting thread, so maybe still not enough if the matching male thread sticks out too far? I imagine it might be difficult to undo anyway.

    I’d be interested how you get on, Martin.

    L C Hannam
    28 October 2023 at 10:32 #65678

    Yes, correct, male thread on crankshaft. The dog nut is hollow, so you can judge how much you will save by removing it. Standard right hand thread … check if it is lock-tabbed. If it hasn’t been removed for ages it may be difficult to undo. Mine unscrewed easily, but the engine had been rebuilt 10 years previously. You need a spanner, ideally a ring spanner, that is a good fit. This is the sort of job where shock is more likely to succeed than leverage … so whacking the spanner with a copper hammer is likely to free it.


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