• Ben
    24 February 2008 at 11:20 #47221

    Dear Lagonda Forum members,

    As a long time Aston Martin enthusiast I obtained this item from an antique dealer and due to a move am no longer able to provide it the storage it needs.

    It is a beautiful item dating to the 1920-30s. A leather travel kit with safety razor, ebony brush with natural bristle, a tortoiseshell comb, and two chrome canisters for shaving brush and soap stick.

    I am offering it for sale to those most likely to appreciate it. I am asking for 76 GBP or $149 US and that includes shipping to anywhere in the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand or Europe. Payment via Paypal, or international money orders is accepted. Any reasonable near offers will be considered; the most important thing to me is that this item continue to be preserved.

    Please email me at oben (at) iinet.net.au if interested.

    Colin M34
    24 February 2008 at 12:02 #47222

    Hello there,

    This looks a nice item. and it would not suprise me if it may have survived the car it came from. I would certainly like something like this. However the badge is the post-war version so it is more likely to be post-war and certainly not from the 1920’s when the winged badge had not come in to use.

    While I am certainly not suggesting this paticular item is not as original (looks too nice), readers may be aware that similar kind of things, including hip flasks, come up on eBay regularly and one should also reflect that the nice badge on it is widely available as a broach. The Club sells the pre-war winged version for a few pounds. The difference is that wings are straight on the pre-war badge and ‘dipped’ on the DB version.

    With is particular kit, maybe it was the kind of item your lady friend/spouse might buy you – remember you would need to be pretty rich in the 1950’s to be able to afford a DB Lagonda . The Duke of Edinburgh had one of these cars so perhaps Her Majesty bought him one of these kits!

    24 February 2008 at 12:32 #47223

    Hi Colin,

    I must defer to your knowledge in relation to the dating. I attempted to infer the dating from the style of safety razor in this package. Being a three piece razor and having an open comb puts it in the date range of 1920-40s. Open comb razors persisted into the mid 40s but were replaced for the most part by closed safety bars from the late 40s and onwards. So the date range could be to the 1940s certainly prior to the Aston Martin David Brown merger. The date is only my inference based on the evidence I have and nothing more.

    The badge has a patina as you can see from the photograph and all the items are of too high a quality to be anything but original. As you say the items would be for the well heeled gentleman who had the means and wherewithal to own a Lagonda.

    I’d be happy to help anyone considering with any more information if needed.


    24 February 2008 at 16:52 #47224

    These so called travel kits were typical for the fifties and sixties; a well detested “first communion gift”.
    I think I got three of them in various colours and sizes.A badge of whatever make is fitted in minutes.

    25 February 2008 at 02:40 #47226

    Hi bob,

    I can understand if you were jaded with 3 examples of kits from the 50s and 60s but as I explained the safety razor in this set is from an earlier period. An open comb razor just wasn’t sold in the 50s or 60s. I know because I am a razor collector.

    The razor is marked “Made in England” on the razor and the box. The brush is marked “Natural Ebon”. The badge has a patina of age.

    That’s all I can describe. The item was bought in Plymouth UK when I was doing my Fellowship training in 2003 together with an old brass sextant from an antique dealer at the Barbican.

    I can no longer take care of the item and thought to offer it here. Any reasonable offer would be considered.

    Thanks again for looking.

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