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    When I first approached several AM dealers and also ASD, I was told it was not possible to have keys cut for my car locks, since these were special locks, and I would need to get some locks made.

    Well I ignored this advice, I stripped the locks down myself, and they are relatively simple Yale locks.

    Here is a simple picture of the internal part of the ignition barrel:


    I have now had keys cut for my Rapide ignition and glove box.

    I also attach a picture of the relay for the ignition and a simple wiring diagram if any of your wires come loose. Please do note that positions 1 and 3 on the relay are reversed to that used on the DB4. (If anyone needs this, happy to email over a clearer picture).

    Wiring colors as follows: WR is predominate white with red minor; NW is predominate brown with white minor; P is purple.

    A small point, when re-assembling, remember to put back the key way between the ignition barrel and the relay. otherwise, the key wil keep turning in the lock….

    I now have an ignition key and glove box keys, pictures are shown.

    Will remove my door lock and boot lock next, and then will have a full set of keys.

    If anyone needs any help with keys or advice, please email over, happy to help.

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