• Michael Southgate
    1 February 2018 at 08:32 #52645

    I’m looking for advice regarding the tubes that run inside the steering column shaft, as the hand throttle control won’t budge. I believe it’s been crushed by the outer tube when the steering box lunched on its thrust bearings.

    It won’t rotate inside the shaft, and it will barely budge in or out. I’m thinking the best option is replacement, but does anyone have any experience of the same thing? Does anyone know where a replacement might be found?

    I can live without the hand throttle, but because it’s stuck fast, it will rotate with the steering wheel and take the horn hub with it, which is no good.

    Hoping to have the car ready for a rally in two weeks, any suggestions gratefully received!

    Thanks, Mike

    1 February 2018 at 10:45 #52646

    Hi Mike,
    I see that unfortunately the scanned dismantled LG6 steering box photos I sent you last year don’t include the stator tubes. I can however assure you that the inner tube should pull out of the outer fairly easily. Assuming you have the stator tubes assembly out of the car, try running a blow lamp up and down…that should both expand the outer tube and melt ancient grease sticking the tubes.
    You could also measure the presumed damaged area with a micrometer for out of round, then put that area in a vice with the widest measurement to the jaws, compress, and feel as you do for any freeing off of the inner.
    Amongst my spares I have some V12 steering head control parts, including the equivalent lever to that for the LG6 hand throttle. From this it is apparent that the control knob ring is merely soldered to the tube.
    All this said, your description infers that both stator tubes rotate with the steering wheel shaft?

    Colin M34
    1 February 2018 at 20:13 #52647


    Good news. I went and checked in the Lagonda Club spares and there is a complete second hand stator assembly with all the the controls pretty well ready to fit.

    The part number is (I think) V081 and price is ?120.

    The delightful Leah is waiting for you to contact her. Or Robin. Phone number is +44 728 604040. email [email protected]

    I’m sure Robin will be able to arrange air freight for you so you may have just what you want in time for your rally.

    Following the rule that “no two Lagondas are the same,” – it may not fit –
    you have been warned! if it does, this is magic!

    I assume you are a paid-up Lagonda Club member. Leah will check.

    Hopefully see you next time I am in your part of the world.

    Colin M34

    Michael Southgate
    1 February 2018 at 21:20 #52648

    Hello Colin,
    That is indeed good news. I’ve already asked the question through the club website, so I’ll follow that up with the number you provided, and perhaps provide some measurements for comparison before proceeding. Yes, I am a paid up member (S82). I might just make it in time for the Rutherglen Classic, thanks to your help.

    Thank you too, Laurence. To answer your question, the inner-most tube (ignition) rotates freely, but if I try to withdraw it from the shaft, it gets stuck at around about the place where I can see damage on the outer shaft. I can barely get the middle shaft (throttle) to withdraw at all, and only by applying some blows with a hammer and wood block so as not to damage the shaft any further. I have tried heat, without success.

    Thank you both again for your responses, this forum is worth its weight in gold!

    Regards, Mike

    Colin M34
    1 February 2018 at 21:48 #52649

    Hi Mike

    I suggest you speak to Robin tomorrow. Glad to be of help (hopefully)


    2 February 2018 at 16:59 #52650

    Fantastic help and service Colin ! What a Star !
    Yes, this is what the Forum is all about. Enthusiasts just trying to help one another.

    Colin M34
    2 February 2018 at 23:05 #52651

    Robin has put it in the post. I think it is the right one.


    Colin M34
    6 March 2018 at 13:17 #52680

    Hi Mike,

    Did the stator arrive OK and did you make it to the Rutherglen Classic OK in your car?


    Michael Southgate
    7 March 2018 at 04:50 #52683

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for asking. I made the rally but I ended up putting the car back together without the ignition/hand throttle controls. The parts didn’t arrive until the day before I had to leave, so I didn’t have time to fit them, but we made it and that’s the main thing.

    Steering box is back out of the car and back at the workshop to further improve the roller/worm gear clearance – there was too much play still. They will mount to the bench with the steering wheel and pre-load to adjust correctly, and also have a look at the tubes to get them working again.

    Cheers, Mike

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