• Peter S30
    5 April 2011 at 16:44 #48152

    How do you do the setting of the ignition timing of your 3ltr ? There is a hole in the casting where I can see the teeth of the flywheel but no marking, the ends of the screws fixing the clutch basket can be seen and may be could be used for this. But it is not very practical from below the car. So I made a mark for TDC on the pulley and fixed a pointer and I can flash it from above. Remarks or recommendations ?

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    Mark Whitehead
    17 April 2011 at 00:37 #48160

    Dear Peter,

    My Father Jim died four weeks ago, quite peacefully, just short of his 94th birthday. He had been battling with cancer for many years and it had just started to spread through his organs.
    A week before his death he finished a radiotherapy course then drove home (180 km) from the clinic with my Mother. The day after he fell in his kitchen and suffered mild concussion, so I put him in our very good little local hospital. Two days later he had a mild stroke but came around OK, then 3 days after that a massive stroke which put him in a coma from which he did not emerge.
    Up to the day of going off for radio he was still coming across to my farm to work on our cars with me. The very last conversation I had with him, just before the coma, regarded Laurence’s V12 rear crank oil seal query which had been posted on this forum.

    However, to your query. (I have emailed photos to you as I still haven’t mastered attachments). In the bellhousing under the starter motor you should have a hole with a pointer screwed into it. Remove, and then reverse it. There are two holes in the flywheel, one 10deg before TDC and one 10 deg after, into which this pointer slides. Then follow the handbook instructions.
    When adjusting your timing on the front gears be sure that you are rotating the motor clockwise to keep tension on the timing chain.

    Peter S30
    20 April 2011 at 07:48 #48165

    Dear Mark,

    I am very sad to hear about the death of your father. My condolescence to you and your family. I admire how strong he still was in his age mentally and physically despite cancer (driving 180km from cancer treament) and always helping with knowledge on Lagondas. Certainly the most experienced man on V12s.

    Thank you for your reply on the timing, images attached. I will use the 10deg before TDC to make a second white mark on the pulley for ignition timing.

    Description for image upload see additonal description in “General Topics”, “Ideas Questions..”

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