• Peter S30
    9 September 2011 at 10:54 #48481

    On this years Lagonda Continental Rally (Paradox: this time to England) I covered over 1500 miles with my DB3ltr. Only major trouble was the ignition coil (a new one!): on the first long motorway ascent and on a hot day (heating the engine and radiator up a bit more) ignition almost completely failed and I managed just to leave the motorway.

    I have had this problem before, but after echanging all ignition parts including coil I thought it was solved and my testing was not hot or long enough.

    Always suspecting the original position of the coil (directly in the hot air stream behind the radiator), I fixed a replacement coil which I had with me in a cooler area and ignition trouble was gone for the rest of the tour. I have now fixed it permanently there (see photo, arrow with original position)

    I know that other DB Lagondas still have it in the orignal place without problems but may be it depends also on the type or quality of coil. But if you ever have problems with ignition with hot temperature, here is an idea what to try.

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    9 September 2011 at 22:16 #48483

    Hi Peter,
    Sometimes “new” doesn’t necessarily equate with “good”; witness pattern rotor arms that last a few weeks if you’re lucky. Is that coil any particular make? Bosch of course you won’t go far wrong with. Lucas sports coils are oil -filled so superior to the pitch insulated ones I associate with that black painted finish.


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