• Andrew Garner
    13 February 2024 at 16:12 #67126

    Fuel Tank Hangers 2ltr LC EM 2565 – My fuel tank has leaked from the hangers, riveted, and soldered to the tank. These have been repaired and tank ready to be refitted. Chassis hangers to fuel tank connection is positively fixed. It is likely to only be a matter of time before these crack again. My thoughts are to ream out the chassis hangers and fit a metalastic type bush. What’s the advice, what is the usual fix. Thank you, Andrew Garner.

    20 February 2024 at 23:32 #67194

    Hi Andrew

    I have never heard of this problem before, the usual issue is small pin holes forming on the top of the tank caused by years of condensation and rusting from the inside. You then get petrol stains down the tank from where it sweats in hot weather. I have had rivets leak but that was on  repair section to the base of the tank fitted 0ver 50 years ago. The solution from my tank man was to clean off and resolder the rivets. So if yours was a leak from the rivets which have been replaced and soldered you shouldn’t have a problem anymore. After all these years if there was a weakness from the positive fixing of the tank it would be well known. So I would stay with the positive mounting and not risk drilling out the mounting for silent block bushes as it may just weaken those brackets.

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