• Mike Baggott
    30 August 2021 at 11:59 #45982

    Is there any expertise in the club about the impact of E10 petrol. If so can you answer the following:
    1. Can I just carry on as usual and use E10?
    2. What about leaving it in the tank over winter when the car is not out much?
    3. What damage, if any, should I be looking out for, if I have no alternative but to fill up with E10.
    5. Is there an acceptable % of E10 . If I have to put a gallon of E10 in to get me to another supply of
    E5 how much E5 should I put in to mitigate any damage.
    4. Do these additives work?
    5. Is it only the rubber parts that are affected like the pump diaphragm and pipe work, or does it affect
    the various metals of SU carbs .or aluminium heads?

    Perhaps this could be an informal discussion point whilst attending the AGM?

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