• Jan (Hans) Eekhoff
    5 June 2022 at 13:57 #56874

    Can anyone provide me with the correct value for the wheel aligning of my 1932 2 Litre Continental?
    What is the official “toe-in” measurement?
    Thank you,
    Hans Eekhoff
    PS I also still don’t know the capacity of the cooling system – much to my astonishment there doesn’t seem to exist a factory data sheet for the Lagonda 2 Litre engine (although many thousands were sold) unlike with EVERY other car thar was ever built (including extremely rarer ones).

    D C W Humphreys
    8 June 2022 at 00:46 #56891

    My experience of a 2 Litre water system is similar to Mark’s ie around 2 gallons total capacity. I always use blue coloured antifreeze.
    I asked another very experienced member for some advice on the toe in, he is currently on holiday and will reply on his return, but I have pasted his initial comments below.

    “The water capacity is different for every car depending on whether a new radiator has been fitted.
    It is easy to fill it then drain into a vessel and measure it. Then add 25% anti freeze and pour it back in.

    The toe in is done with strings from the rear wheels. Get the wheels parallel then about 1 turn of the track rod toe in. Road trial then maybe a bit more”

    Jan (Hans) Eekhoff
    9 June 2022 at 16:58 #56899

    Thank you for taking the trouble to reply! Interestingly, Julian Messent reckons it’s roughly 20 litres – which is rather more than 2 gallons; more than twice as much actually!
    I need to know as I use pre-mixed coolant; so much better than water with anti freeze.
    About the aligning – the car shakes at the front when driving at medium speed; I hope it’s just a matter of too much toe-in.
    Wheel aligning is tomorrow – I will remember your tip of 1 turn toe-in and see if that works.
    Julian reckons it’s 3mm (does that correspond with one full turn of the treck rod? Could be).
    Anyway, I’m sure with these data I’ll be able to sort it all out.
    Again, many thanks!

    Jan (Hans) Eekhoff
    12 June 2022 at 18:18 #56916

    In view of no reactions (except yours of course – thanks!) and because, miraculously, there exists no data sheet for the 2 Litre Lagonda car nor its engine, I had to find out for myself.
    It turns out that the total capacity of the cooling system of my 2 Litre Lagonda (which certainly will be similar for all other 2 Litres) is 18,5 Litres or 4.88 Gallons.
    The toe-in value for the front wheels should be between 15 and 30 mins. (which equals between a quarter and half a degree).
    I intend to keep all these figures and produce a useable data sheet within the forseeable future.

    Jan (Hans) Eekhoff
    12 June 2022 at 18:23 #56917

    By the way, turning the track rod on my car does not do anything as the threads on both ends are regular right-handed. I therefore had to undo one track rod end and turn it in one whole turn, which then resulted in the required total toe-in value of about 45 mins. I wonder if this is just on my car or do all track rods of 2 litres have the same threads ot both ends?

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