• Peter S30
    26 May 2014 at 11:42 #50834

    My new 2ltr is now road registered and I am practising my gear change and find out little faults and improve the car. Recently there seemed to be some “whining” from either magneto or cross shaft which drives it, which has not been there in the beginning and sounds like something is not oiled well. I have temporarily replaced the magneto by a coil system (magneto failure, will report later), which did not change this sound. I suspected the oil supply to the cross shaft. You see the fitting where it is attached, marked with the yellow arrow in the attached image.
    I removed the fitting to check if it is blocked. Result is I could not blow through or look through but fitted to the oil supply tube and left open at the side where it normally is attached to the drive, and running the engine for a second, oil flows out slowly. Is this a correct restrictor, should there be a restrictor ?

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    Peter S30
    4 June 2014 at 07:39 #50844

    The part indicated in the image after a second inspection was found to be only some slight restrictor, it has not a full bore but is half open but a wire can be pushed through. And it was not the reason for the whining sound.
    I also checked the axial alignment of the exhaust camshaft, first trying with the adjustment screw on the front of the “P” plate, with no effect. Then I removed and refited the brass gear which drives the rev counter on the rear side of the exhaust camshaft. (On other 2ltrs this sits on the inlet camshaft and there is a thrust pad on the exhaust one instead). But at the same time I tightened some screws on the carburettor flanges. The noise was gone ! But I can not tell which of the two was the reason. Club member John (B29) helped much again with suggestions. Other discussed source of a whining sound was the dynamo.

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