• petemick
    15 December 2011 at 15:54 #48624

    V12 16027 De Ville Sedan,The enclosed picture of the combined gauge shows the oil pressure, and water temp gauges missing from the cluster.
    Can anybody assist with a complete assembly or replacements for the parts missing

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    Julian Messent
    24 May 2012 at 06:27 #49217

    Hi Peter,
    Yes, We can rebuild these with new gauges fitted into your old unit and all fitted with modern 12v electrics, all looks the same from the front but new from the back and works without the 6v resistor box fitted as standard, new senders etc included. Price about 1100 euros for the complete unit.


    24 May 2012 at 17:29 #49226

    Hi Peter
    Very interested in your photos – although not able to help you I fear.
    Is that a Cotal gearbox switch in front of your instruments ??
    What is it used for ? Do you have a Cotal gearbox ??
    I need the inside block for a Cotal switch (not for my Lagonda I hasten to add but for a Delahaye).
    For some time I have been trying to locate someone in France who I understand holds a lot of new spares for Cotal but I have been unsucessful. Can you help me ?
    I know that W.O.Bentley experimented with a Cotal gearbox postwar but did not know anything was fitted prewar. Would be very interested to know more if you feel like posting it !

    24 May 2012 at 18:08 #49227

    Hi Bill,
    I believe there’s a V12 engine drawing showing the attachment for the Cotal gearbox, so think it goes back before the end of the war.
    Also…there’s a reconditioned Cotal gearbox available here in France, rebuilt with bills available totalling ?3000, for ?4000. Advert states “adaptable for cars 30/60” & Delahaye is one of the marques stated. If of interest let me know & I’ll forward advertiser details.

    27 May 2012 at 06:47 #49257

    It is Cotal switch you can see in the picture. My car 16027 was, I,m told, the only one fitted with this gearbox in the factory.
    It seems to work fine but I started a full renovetion as soon as I bought the car and it has been in that state for 18 months now,progress is slow but worthwhile.
    The car was shipped from UK to South Africa in 1949 but as the factory card is reported missing I have not been able to obtain more information, can enybody assist ?
    I found a French company on the web who offered a lot of assistance on Cotal but I cannot remember the name.

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    4 June 2012 at 09:12 #49315

    Hi Petemick and H14,
    Just picked up your replies.
    Thanks very much for the information. Very interesting.
    I had no idea W.O actually fitted a Cotal gearbox before the war. It will make the car fantastic to drive I am sure. What size is it as a matter of interest ? I believe that the Mark 35 was the largest used by Delahaye for the road although the Mark 38 was used for racing.
    I recently chased up a Cotal gearbox fitted to a postwar Lagonda which the owner did not intend to use. It was very different to the pre war ones and I think it was designed by Cotal specifically for the Lagonda. I turned it down when I realised that it had no reverse gear as that was in the back axle !! However it was beautifully made and appeared very robust.

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