• Edward Mason
    14 March 2022 at 15:46 #55019

    The chassis on my 2-litre LC tourer has developed a fracture between the rear mounting of the front spring and the front end of the chassis tensioner – the same place on both sides. It has started at the bottom and worked itself half way up both sides. The car was in pieces last winter and we didn’t spot it then so can only assume it has happened since. Does anyone have experience of this, and could there be a reason it has happened…might we have over-tightened something in re-assembly, for example? I obviously want to make sure we don’t mend it and then find it happens again! Grateful for any advice please! Edward

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    15 March 2022 at 23:26 #55035

    Hi Edward,

    This is not uncommon on the 2 Litre and is why the chassis tensioner was installed on the LC in period
    when the issue showed up when racing.

    So after 90 years of metal fatigue I doubt it is anything you have done in reassembling your car.
    You simply do not know what it has been through over all those years.

    The chassis can be repaired but will probably involve you doing some stripping down to get at it.

    My advice would be to contact the VSCC library or use their forum to get a recommendation on a specialist
    chassis repairer. There are a few around. then send them photographs.

    Do post on the forum what solution you eventually find

    Best Regards
    Mark Y

    Edward Mason
    20 April 2022 at 15:46 #55910

    Thank you Mark, it’s very reassuring to hear your comments. It has now been repaired – welded and plated – involving plenty of stripping down! It turned out that the chassis was out of alignment, seemingly the result of a relatively minor accident many years ago. I may be poorer as a result but compared to what might have happened had it gone further I have probably got away lightly – and I can drive safe in the knowledge it’s been done properly. Bets wishes, and thanks again, Edward

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