11 June 2015 at 08:45 #51299

    As is clear to most of us, the DB Lagondas have been pulled up strongly by the ever rising prices of their cousins, the DB Astons.


    I know of this car, engine missing, most of the gauges missing and plenty of welding to the floors which means that there has been lots of damp.

    So the ash frame around the bulkhead will have rotted, wooden sills, and rear wheel arches and boot wood work will have to be all checked.

    The car referred to at Bonham’s was a low condition 2 car, but with rotten door bottoms, horrible colour paint work; mechanically excellent.

    1956 reg of PVE 616



    Is the car worth this, with no engine, I don’t think so. Market price, probably around ?5, prices have moved on a lot and the classic car area is still bubbling. The 4-speed DB gearbox is worth around ?2k alone.

    A decent engine will cost you base price of ?10k minimum today before a full rebuild, if you can find one at all…

    These are my thoughts for what they are worth, and it is the 3.0 litre cars which will keep moving up price wise, and will be the best choice long term. For more information on these great cars see :



    13 June 2015 at 22:46 #51303

    Price drop from ?16.5 to ?12.5, and it will go down more yet imho.

    If the owner is sensible he will take ?5k for the car if it has a DB gearbox.

    7 July 2015 at 08:19 #51334

    The car has been reposted on eBay:


    The price has come down to ?7250.

    I now recognise the car, it is the Abbey Farm car which David spotted earlier in the year. So changed hands in the last few months.

    The spare red seats with the car do not come from a Lagonda.

    If I am correct and memory still working, the gearbox with the car is not a DB box, hence also not from a Lagonda. This will affect the price a great deal.

    So what you are buying is a rolling shell with tatty seats and no instruments, at this price still too expensive.

    7 July 2015 at 16:33 #51335

    It’s been cleaned since I saw it under the trees on the farm!

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