• Graham Swindley
    1 November 2021 at 12:12 #53344

    I’m writing this post in the hope of helping others avoid my Magneto difficulties. I was kindly lent an ML by Alan Fairbrother to get my 192714/60 running for a wedding deadline this summer. Alan then proceeded to refurbish a Scintilla GN4 for me, believing this to be the correct Magneto for my car. However, when it arrived I found that it would be a challenge to fit because the distributor collar is at the driven end – exactly where, on my car the retaining clip is mounted. Fortunately Alan and I came to an amicable agreement and I am keeping the loaned ML. Best plan would be to check where your magneto clips are before ordering a replacement!

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    14 November 2021 at 08:03 #53346

    The Scintilla GN4 is correct for the 2 Litre; they were fitted to both my cars and a description of this type Magneto is included in the original print of the 2 Litre owners manual. But it is not the ONLY correct Magneto for the 2 Litre and several different types could be fitted but with different brackets which would not suit the Scintilla GN4.

    Dirk Van Ussel
    27 January 2022 at 14:49 #53764

    I have two GN4-S Scintillas that came with a 6-cyl. one I needed.One is reconditioned and gives a very good spark. Is missing the contact points lid.Surplus now

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