• John Hugh
    31 January 2016 at 13:25 #51704

    Urgently wanted – steering drop arm for a 2 litre. This is for the Marles steering box so fitting is by taper and Woodruff key. Thanks!

    Julian Messent
    4 April 2016 at 08:31 #51848

    Hi John,

    The 4.5 litre arm will also fit and this will also quicken up the steering as it is a little longer, so if you want a little more feel and better controll then fit the 4.5 arm, only drawback is slightly more effort needed but on a 2 litre it should be almost insignificant.


    Colin M34
    4 April 2016 at 12:48 #51849

    Hi Julian

    Is the drop arm on a Marles box the same fitting as it is on a Bishop Cam one?

    Could be useful.


    Julian Messent
    5 April 2016 at 16:53 #51855

    Hi Colin,

    We do the conversion the other way round to lighten the steering on the 4.5 for “old people” 😀 😀 Ooops 😮

    So they for sure fit each other without problems.


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