• davidk
    30 June 2020 at 23:11 #53168

    My 1930 2 litre low chassis (OH9753) is undergoing a bit of a restoration. I have lifted the body and frame off the chassis. The body is actually steel which i am told is not that common. It is mostly fine – nothing that a bit of panel beating and a repaint wont put right.
    However the timber framing needs a bit more work. I think at some pint in its 90 year life it has had an accident and possibly even a small fire and so there may be some timber missing and some bits added.
    Does anyone have any photos or plans of the original timber framing especially for the front of the body and along the chassis rails. I can replicate what i already have easy enough but would like to make sure i dont miss anything.
    Any past resto pictures or pictures of current 2 litre timber work would be helpful.

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    Colin M34
    4 July 2020 at 14:25 #53170

    If you contact me via email (details in the club members list – member M34), I will let you have contact details of a another Lagonda Club member who produced a set of body drawings and told me he still had some sets available.

    Colin M34

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