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    A seemingly 2.6 / 3.0 litre Brooklands type bodied car available in Germany.

    See the html at :


    This is one I find confusing, the chassis plate, belongs according to club records for a 2.6 dhc, from 19/01/1951.

    LAG/50/231 and engine LB6A/50/288.

    The engine is 2.6 litre unit, with typical thermostat housing to centre of block. Note the rev counter drive to exhaust side of engine, which does not appear on the earlier 2.6 cars.

    Note to the front the delicious tripod style lights; single sill strips; early style dashboard with ignition cluster to the middle. Also the wonderful comfy double arm early front seats, which are from a transition or early Mk1 3.0 litre.

    The picnic tables have been clearly rebuilt and re-veneered, but yes, they are a genuine rare fitment, in my store, I have an identical but “more moth eaten pair”.

    I wonder if this car may have gone back to the factory or did it loose its chassis plate and this one was found and attached to the bulkhead ? Car dates from late 1953/54.

    Price is very cheap at ?61k

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