15 June 2014 at 09:20 #50891

    A handsome 3.0 Mk 1 Coupe is for sale in Holland, at the highest price I have yet seen for a coupe or saloon at ?99,000 / ?118K Euro’s.

    LAG/50/539 Engine VB6J/64

    The chassis number puts the car into the very last group of LAG/50 cars which ends with chassis 543.

    A sign of things to come, not sure about that, but I have noticed prices in Holland and Germany are always much higher than the UK. Never sure though if these cars actually sell

    The car does suffer in one respect, with a non-original opening sun-roof (nasty and incorrect, better to have closed the roof up imho). I suspect that this has replaced the original solid wood fabric covered opening sun-roof. I recognise the handle of the original sliding sun-roof present in the car.

    Various points which confirm this is a Mk1 car:

    Double metal trims to bottom of doors on sills (actually not correct, should be single), heater vent to rear of bonnet above bulkhead, semaphore’s present for signals; Mk1 1 dashboard with ignition on the lhs; early original style front head-lights; round cornered front-windscreen; correct rear oblong shaped indicators lights, but later Mk2 rear number plate surround and holder (also from DB2/4); wheel centre hub trims should have body colour of red to centres;

    The front seats have lost their arm-rests when re-trimmed; conversion from steering column shift to floor-shift;
    The chrome and enamel badges have lost their red-and black enamel;
    screws used to hold the door cars on, are too big; also the lower carpet trim on door cards is missing; the car has had new carpets most of which does not seem to be correct..

    Engine has not been changed, it started out life with this 3.0 litre unit.

    Lots of gold “passivate” on under-chassis items which is not correct; however lots of money spent on this car, all suspension stripped and rebuilt, steering rack shows sign of rebuild; I haven’t seen a black sprayed sump-pan before…

    However, lots of evidence of welding, and plating over metal structure, some of it none to pleasant.

    Overall, a rare and desirable car, but lots of problems with the detailing. I would love to see the door fit and panel fit up close as well.

    Perhaps, I am being too critical, but at this price, I think not!


    15 June 2014 at 14:09 #50893

    This car is one of the last 16 DB 2.6 Mk2 chassis’s which were bodied by Brooklands of Bond Street.

    The car would have been supplied with a 2.6 litre engine originally, and then in late 1954 or possibly 1955, a 3.0 litre engine would have been fitted by the works.

    They are referred to as 2.6/3.0 litre Brooklands cars. There are actually a good number of these cars which have survived, some with their original 2.6 engines still in place.

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