• Clive R
    24 May 2014 at 17:42 #50831

    I have owned this vehicle for the last 30 years and accomplished very little. I had the engine running on a stand in 2000 and the chassis was blasted and primed in the mid 90’s. The car is in pieces but I believe it is complete. I wish to sell the complete car and was wondering what sort of price I could achieve or should aim for? I hoping I have attached several photos

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    flat broke
    4 June 2014 at 18:30 #50847

    Hello Clive,
    Somehow you have stumbled into the wrong section (V12 as opposed to DB2.6/3litre). Hence the slow response. Simon keeps a close eye on cars that come on the market and will give you a better idea of what things are worth. Sadly the 2.6 saloons are a tough sell at present. The fact that the car is apart (even though work has been done) will hurt the value also.
    So many of these cars top out at what they are worth in spares. A real shame.
    Where is the car located?


    Peter S30
    5 June 2014 at 06:58 #50848

    Moved your post to the right section. Unfortunately flat broke is completely right about value. The value of the car is about the value of the engine plus gearbox. Value depends on the exact condition of the engine, completely restored with new parts during the last decades or only still running in 2000 and still free now ? The probability that it sells in parts is high. SRD knows the market best.

    flat broke
    5 June 2014 at 13:45 #50849

    The good news is that is appears to have been well cared for and dry stored. Most cars that emerge from hibernation have extensive rot if the wood or steel subframe. If yours is solid, it would make a great project. More pictures would be helpful.

    Having the original log book and your long term ownership is a huge plus. I would hope that having a documented history would encourage someone to save this car.


    flat broke
    5 June 2014 at 13:46 #50850


    6 June 2014 at 16:48 #50858

    Clive hi

    Have you sold the car already, I noticed you have not replied to other DB-owners Peter and Tony ?

    1. Biggest issue for you, is the car is in pieces, this is i.m.o. the worst way to sell a project car, unless it is a 1960’s Ferrari.

    2. Is the engine still free now, can you turn over the crank by hand or with the aid of a big box spanner ?

    3. Does the car come with a column shift or floor shift gearbox, this also makes a big difference, although with the correct top-plate you can convert a column shift to a floor shift.

    4. Selling the car for parts will actually make you less than if you sell it as a full package. Although in this instance, the new owner of the blue 2.6 saloon, might be keen to buy your interior to make his a fully useable car ?

    5. Prices for a car with full running engine and working box, are ca. ?8-8.5k. But this is ignoring the vast amount of wood-work on the 2.6 saloon and generally common appearance of tin-worm everywhere..

    6. Prices for an engine/box – sorry I don’t encourage that unless it is going into another Lagonda, the cars need to be saved, might I suggest an advert in the club gazette ?

    Email me, if you have questions, the club preference is where at all possible to save the car, or use this as a parts car to save another.

    Kind regards


    Clive R
    19 June 2014 at 10:25 #50906

    hello simon,

    Thanks for the information. Apologies for the tardy response.
    I had feed back from others via my home email and thought that was the only responses I had.
    the engine is turned over regularly on the crank handle and it is a colomn change. I could bolt everything back together if there was any financial benifit (large) but my thoughts were that you can actually see what your taking on and nothing is hidden. I need to free up the space for my next project so will probably take what ever option achieves that goal. I did have an over expectation of the value but from the feed back if i could achieve around 7k I should think myself lucky. I do have and obviosly can take many photos. My opinion is that it is in pretty good condition.

    best regards


    Clive R
    19 June 2014 at 10:30 #50907

    Another question I missed is that the car is in Cholsey, Oxfordshire.



    20 June 2014 at 15:36 #50908

    Clive hi

    Might I suggest that if you posted more pictures here, you will receive more responses to your car and parts for sale.

    If you reassembled the car, you would do better; a project car in pieces is generally a weaker seller than a car in one piece.

    You have the 2.6 litre saloon which is an acquired taste, perhaps an advert in the Lagonda club gazette might also be helpful with your sale or otherwise eBay brings out many buyers as well. If you get the engine and box, back in the car and up and running, that will help your cause a lot.

    Best of luck


    Clive R
    23 June 2014 at 15:25 #50910

    Thanks Simon.

    I can drop the engine and box and fit the exhaust easily as the chassis is rolling anyway. I’ll then post some more pictures.
    Do any of the front end panels fit the drop head 52 lagondas? I assumed even the chasis was the same



    23 June 2014 at 19:37 #50911

    Clive hi

    I think that is the best route for you. Can you take a few more pictures of your engine and box and email them over to me – that would be appreciated for the web-site

    if you can put the front seats standing in the car and rear seat put loosely in place, your car will look far more complete to any potential buyer, and you may convince someone that the car is actually complete and worth saving. if the car really has good sills and a good wooden frame, take some pictures, that is what puts people off buying these under-appreciated cars..

    All of the body panels in the front of the bulkhead are interchangeable with the dhc. Don’t worry about that, there are really plenty of front body sections around. I even have one now, and don’t have a complete 2.6 car at this point…

    The x-frame cruciform chassis for both 2.6 and 3.0 litre cars is basically the same, with very minor differences.

    Kind regards


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