• 24 April 2020 at 10:45 #53133

    I have a 1930 2 litre supercharged Lagonda. This underwent a full engine re-build last year. The starter motor has failed in that although it turns – a whirring sound can be heard – it is clearly not now engaging with the engine.

    Does anyone have experience of this problem and what may be required to resolve it – and how? i can forward a short video by WhatsApp if that would help.

    Thank you

    07860 490604

    Peter S30
    24 April 2020 at 11:20 #53134

    Dear John

    To access the starter motor assembly, best is to remove the front seats and the floorboard. But for a quick look you also can creep under the car, left side, and have a look. The starter motor has a sort of Hardy disc coupling between the motor and the drive, which can disengage. I also once had a spline that fell out, I could fix this “en route”. And there is a spring that can break (recommended standard spear part), see club spares.

    I have attached scans from the Vintage Lagonda Handbook and the 2 Litre Low Chassis Type Instruction Book. Both higly remmended and can be supplied by the Club

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