Car Type LG6
Date in Production 1937
Number Sold 85
How many exist today? 31

Technical Details

Track Rear 5ft
Track Front 5ft
Length varies with body
Wheelbase 10ft 7.5in; 11ft3.5in
Kerb Weight Saloon 38.75cwt (169kg) other body types not recorded
RAC Rating
Engine Manufacturer Meadows modified by Lagonda (Sanction4)
Type 6 cylinder in line, pushrod overhead valves
Firing Order 1-4-2-6-3-5
Carburettor. Twin SU HV5
Dynamo Lucas RJF control box
Bore X Stroke 88.5 x 120.65mm
Ignition Two spark plugs per clinder; Sanction 1 cars Horizontal Scintilla magneto + Scintilla Vertex; Sanction 2-4 Twin Scintilla vertex
Displacement 4453cc
Fuel System Twin SU SU type L pump from 20 gallon tank
Clutch Single dry plate Borg & Beck
Gearbox Lagonda
Coolant Water pump with thermostaic radiator shutters
Specific Output 140bhp @ 3000rpm


Lagonda had announced their 1937 programme in September so it was a bombshell when on the eve of the Motor Show.

The LG6 along with the V12 had a new cross-braced chassis which considerably reduced chassis flexing with front independent suspension. This allowed the engines to be lowered into the space previously occupied by the front axle which allowed lower sleeker bodies. The LG6 had a slightly longer chassis than the V12 but it continued with the trusty Meadows engine now as the Sanction 4 engine ( 6.68:1 compression ratio, twin vertex mags with about 130 bhp). It appealed to the lovers of the low-revving but torque-ey six cylinder engine.

The braking system was changed to hydraulic from the Girling system of the LG45 and M45 Rapides.


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