Members and officers of the Lagonda Club may submit reports of competitive and social events for publication here.  We hope that Area Representatives and members from all over the world will use this facility so that all the activities of the Club become better known.

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Anthony de Young Sydney Australia.

The 1950 Earls Court Display Chassis Restoration.
This chassis LAG/50/110 was displayed at the motor show in 1950, then was shipped to Australia, firstly to Melbourne showrooms of agents Brown & Dureau, then to Sydney also to there Elizebeth Street sh

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The Lagonda’ – index of Technical Articles

The Club now has an index of the technical articles for all issues of ‘The Lagonda going back to no.1 issued in March 1951. This will help the newer members to see what has gone on before, and for those with a collection of the magazines, complete or only partial, there is now the opportunity to trace articles with ease. Updated August 2017 - Contact = Roger Seabrook.= [email protected]

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All about reports

The Lagonda Club, its members and Area Representatives organise a wide range of competitive and social events for its members.  Reports of some these events are published in the Club's Newsletter or Magazine.  This is an opportunity for members to submit their own reports of a wider range of the Club's activities.